Real application

Real application of Johnider V2 SEI ::: Cucumber CGMMV control

Johnider V2 SEI for seed treatment

Seed-borne virus display low percentage of seed transmission,
but even very low occurrence of seed transmission is enough to start a spread of the disease.
Just by treating the seed with Johnider V2 SEI once you can be more free from the fear of seed-borne virus.

  • Host : Cucumber
  • Viral disease : CGMMV (Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus)
  • Purpose of trial
    1. In order to test the inhibitory effect of Johnider V2 SEI on CGMMV seed infection, cucumber seeds treated with Johnider V2 SEI and untreated cucumber seeds were transplanted in 3 repetitions with randomized block method and conventionally cultivated for 7 months.
  • Results
    1. Untreated plot

      CGMMV symptoms were confirmed 20 days after transplanting in the untreated plot, which is judged to be due to seed infection.
    2. Johnider V2 SEI treated plot

      CGMMV symptoms were confirmed in the Johnni-der V2 SEI treated plot after 110 days of transplanting.
  • Discussion
    1. The cucumber seed, which is the primary source of CGMMV, is treated with Johnider V2 SEI to inhibit the virus dissemination.
    2. Therefore, for effective control of CGMMV, seed treatment with Johnni-der V2 SEI must be performed.

CGMMV initial symptoms of the untreated test plot after 20 days transplanting

Growth comparison of Johnider V2 SEI treated plot and untreated plot after 80 days transplanting

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