About us

JungWan B-F has long held an ambition to develop treatments for viruses in plants.

To realize this dream, we have screened countless materials to choose the ones best suited for inhibiting viruses.
We have been manufacturing products inhibiting viruses using these materials.

Recently, we found additional material that is ideal in preventing seed-borne viruses and have started to develop it into a product.

This is a game-changing discovery, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to cut ties with seed viruses none of us ever wanted.
We at JungWan B-F make products to encourage the healthy growth of plants the way doctors prescribe medicine for human health.
As humans can only work at their best when healthy, so too can plants provide us with their fruit only when growing at their full potential.

To make the most of our existing technology and to help us all live together at our best, we want to meet those who grow plants.

Our laboratory light will always be on until all growers can be free from plant viruses and successfully grow plants.

We will continue to endeavor for and invest in the improvement of our products and work for results beneficial for all plant growers.

We at JungWan B-F sincerely thank our customers who have trusted us and been patient with us.
We hope that by visiting our website, we ease your worries and concerns.