Plant virus

TYLCV Tomato yellow leaf curl virus

  • Tomato yellow leaf virus(TYLCV) is a very damaging virus disease of tomato crops
  • It can be found in tropical and subtropical regions causing severe economic losses of up to 100%.
  • Begomoviruses are numerous and geographically widespread viruses that cause devastating diseases in many crops.
  • The representative species is TYLCV.

Host range

  • TYLCV is considered one of the most important tomato pathogens in tropical and subtropical regions.

How it is spread

  • TYLCV is transmitted by the insect silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) and can spread repidly.
  • It has been recently (in 2015*) reported that TYLCV can be disseminated by the seed.
  • If TYLCV occurred even though you have used insecticide properly, you need to be doubtful of the transmission by the seed.


  • Typical symptoms include curling and yellowing of young leaves and severe stunting.
  • The most obvious symptoms in tomato plants are small leaves that become yellow between the veins.
  • The leaves also curl upwards and towards the middle of the leaf.
  • Tomato plants infected will not produce fruit.

TYLCV disseminated by silverleaf whitefly.
Even if you control the silverleaf whitefly properly from earlier, you can reduce the incidence of TYLCV a lot.
Since using the virus tolerance seed, the plants have been able to grow without worry about the incidence of TYLCV.
But, it has been recently (in 2015*) reported that TYLCV can be disseminated by the seed.


Now, it's the time to need new solutions against the onset of TYLCV.
Use of Johnider V2 FA ensures to prevent the spread of TYLCV.

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