Plant virus

CGMMV Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus

  • The genus Tobamovirus is seed-borne, mechanically transmitted stable viruse.
  • The representative species is CGMMV.

Host range

  • CGMMV is a very damaging plant virus in many cucurbit (mainly cucumber and melon) growing areas of the world.
  • All cucurbits are susceptible.

How it is spread

  • CGMMV can spread in various ways. 
  • Seed-borne virus : CGMMV is spread by infected seed with virus particles carried on both the outside and the inside of the seed coat.
  • CGMMV is mechanically transmitted stable viruses.


  • CGMMV symptoms on young seedlings may be indistinct or difficult to recognize.
  • In severe infections embryonic leaves may become yellow, but symptoms may not be apparent until more mature leaves emerge.
  • Mature leaves may display mottling or mosaic patterns.
  • Typical symptoms on greenhouse cucumber

  • Typical symptoms on oriental melon

CGMMV which is difficult to control.
Can it be now controlled by Johnider V2 products.

Real application