Johnider is a dialect in Andong, a small city of Gyeongbuk province of South Korea, having the meaning of "Good".
V2 is respective initials of Vital and Virus, meaning the simultaneous application to two purposes to intend the growth-enhancement and to inhibit plant virus incidence and their dissemination.
Therefore, Johnider V2 has the meaning of “Good for Plant virus control”.

Johnider V2 which we'd like to introduce is a product inhibition the transmission and infection of virus by temporarily stopping the activity of virus. We call this mechanism 『virostatic』.
『Virostatic』 Able to inhibit viral replication, which can be resumed when the virostatic agent is removed.

Additionally, Johnider V2 induces the vigorous growth of plant host and resultantly helps overcome plant virus.

The role of Johnider V2

Johnider V2 products are not agricultural chemicals.
It is a product that prevents virus from disseminating throughout the plant by virostatic effect.

Johnider V2 products

Johnider V2 products

Good for (Plant) Vital and (Plant) Virus

  • Johnider V2 SEI
    (Seed treatment)

    Prevention of seed-borne viruses Inhibition of virus incidence in the seed
  • Johnider V2 FA
    (Foliar Application)

    Virus inhibitor Product that prevents virus transmission without inactivating
  • Johnider V2 SOD
    (Soil Drench)

    Control of soil-borne diseases Bacterial wilt by Ralstonia solanacearum and Soil-borne viruses
  • Johnider V2 SEI (for seed treatment)

    1. Johnider V2 SEI is made to inhibit the incidence of CGMMV that occurs in seeds or soil.
    2. When the seed is immersed in Johnider V2 SEI, the active ingredient of Johnider V2 SEI penetrates into the inner and outer seed coat and neutralizes the activity of seed-borne virus present there to prevent dissemination to the seedling during germination.

  • Johnider V2 FA (for forliar application)

    1. Johnider V2 FA acts as a inhibitor of the virus that is infected by seeds, soil and various insect vectors after the crop is transplanted, and also prevents from dissemination.
    2. The principle of Johnider V2 FA is the active ingredient temporarily inhibiting viral activity infecting the cells of the plant and intensively stimulating growth.

  • Johnider V2 SOD (for soil drench)

    1. Johnider V2 SOD is developed to suppress incidence of bacterial wilt by Ralstonia solanacearum that occurs in tomatoes or peppers.
    2. The active ingredient of Johnider V2 SOD adjusts the pH, which is the rhizosphere of the soil, ensuring effective supply of moisture and nutrients even though clogged the vascular tissue within the stem