• Johnider V2 SOD is intended for soil drench.
  • It is a product that inhibits the activity of soil-borne diseases, so it will be easily applied to soil cultivation.
  • Soil-borne diseases mean viruses and bacteria (Bacterial wilt by Ralstonia solanacerum).
  • Examples of soil cultivation are shown in the picture below.
    • Cucumber

    • Bell pepper

    • Zucchini

Features of Johnider V2 SOD

  1. Two intended uses of Johnider V2 SOD are as belows.
  • 1. To inhibit the activity of virus existing in the soil and to inhibit the virus from entering the internal plant (in case of soil-disseminated virus).
  • 2. To induce the vigorous growth of plant and overcome plant virus.
Tip : Simultaneous application of foliar application (Johnider V2 FA) and soil drench (Johnider V2 SOD) provides faster and reliable effect.

Mechanism of Johnider V2 SOD

  • Johnider V2 SOD inhibits viruses entering crops through the roots from the soil.
  • When Johnider V2 SOD is absorbed into the soil, it acts as a static agent for viruses bacteria that exist in the soil, preventing infection into the plant through the roots.
  • It inhibits the activity of virus existing in the soil and plant body, limits the virus movement (cell to cell movement, long distance movement) and as a result, inhibits the virus for the symptom of disease not to express.

Additional effect of Johnider V2 SOD

Johnider V2 SOD is effective for controlling bacterial wilt by Ralstonia solanacearum, which is a soil-borne disease.
The product induces vigorous growth with its virostatic and bacteriostatic functionalities.

  • Ralstonia solanacearum live in the soil and will work its way quickly through the roots and up the stem of the plants.
  • Johnider V2 SOD is also effective in preventing bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum that occurs in tomatoes or peppers.
  • Even when crops are grown in soil where Ralstonia solanacearum is present, the product supports normal growth by helping the recovery of stems clogged with bacteria.