The transmission of Tobamovirus by seeds is an important mean of virus introduction in crops.
Just by treating the seed with Johnider V2 SEI once you can be more free from the fear of seed-borne virus.

Features of Johnider V2 SEI

  • Johnider V2 SEI is a product that treats seeds to prevent seed-borne viruses that occur in all crops of Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae (e.g. CGMMV, ToBRFV).
  • It is to help normal growth and development using the immersion method on a virus infected seed.
  • It is recommended that you use this for soaking seeds in seed companies or seedling nurseries.
  • If you immerse a virus infected seed, virus symptoms will not appear even after transplanting seedlings, and therefore, it will help with yielding normal crops.
  • When seedlings germinated from seeds that have been immersed in Johnider V2 SEI have been transplanted and cultivated, initial virus incidence can be reduced.
  • Seed treatment by Johnider V2 SEI manufactured by our own technology maintains the germination rate and in addition to that, it never causes the contamination of soil environment.

Benefits of Johnider V2 SEI

  • Convenience of use : Just one immersion
  • Seed-borne virus control : Efficient inhibition of seed-borne virus
  • Plant establishment : Improvement seed germination and plant vigor (growth)
Original benefit
Seed-borne virus inhibition (e.g. Tobamovirus // CGMMV, ToBRFV) Enhancing normal growth of plant in the field
Additional benefit
Germination force Germination rate Uniformity of the seeds

Mechanism of Johnider V2 SEI

  • It is the principle that when the seeds are immersed in Johnider V2 SEI for 90 minutes, the active ingredients of Johnider V2 SEI penetrate into the inner and outer seed coats of the seeds and neutralize the activity of virus present here, thus preventing dissemination to the seedlings upon germination.

Real application

  • Johnider V2 SEI is designed to prevent the incidence of seed-borne virus as much as possible.
  • Check the effect of Johnider V2 SEI on CGMMV, a typical virus among soil-borne virus.
  • Johnider V2 SEI is a product that almost completely prevents CGMMV that occurs in Cucurbitaceae.
  • CGMMV is known to be spread by seeds, contaminated soil, and mechanical infection.
  • If Johnider V2 FA is used during the cultivation period after immersing the seeds of Cucurbitaceae, you can see that CGMMV incidence has been prevented more than 99%.

    In conclusion, after treating a seed with Johnider V2 SEI through immersion, continuous use of Johnider V2 FA can further reduce CGMMV incidence rates and promote normal growth and development.