Plant virus

TSWV Tomato spotted wilt virus

  • TSWV infects over 1,000 plant species and causes significant economic damage to many agronomic and horticultural corps.
  • Symptoms of tomato spotted wilt differ among hosts and can be variable in a single host species.
  • Orthotospoviruses are responsible for serious economic losses in agronomic crops worldwide.
  • The genus Orthotospoviruses are vectored by thrips in a circulative-propagative manner.
  • TSWV is a type species in the genus Orthotospovirus.

Host range

  • TSWV has a large host range and is mostly, but not exclusively, a viral disease found in field crops.
  • Many vegetable and ornamental crops are impected, including tomato, pepper, lettuce, potato, bean, pea, and basil.

How it is spread


  • Symptoms may appear on plants within a few weeks after infection.
  • Symptoms include ringspots, mottling, chlorotic blotches and line patterns on leaves.
  • Both leaves and fruit are often distorted with dark spots or ring patterns on fruit.
  • Wilting and purpling of leaves can occur and necrotic lesions can develop on stems of affected plants.