Johnni-der V2

Johnni-der V2 FA (For Foliar Application)

** How Johnni-der V2 FA works

Johnni-der V2 FA inhibits the activity of virus infected in the plant body, minimizes the virus movement in the internal plant (cell to cell movement, long distance movement) and as a result, it inhibits for the symptom of disease not to express.

1. Plant Growth Regulation

-Inducing vigorous growth of plant.
-Overcoming of virus through plant growth promotion.
-Inducing vigorous growth of host to help fighting plant viruses and promote plant growth.

2. Virostatic* effect

-Inhibition of viral replication.
-Restriction of two types of virus movement / translocation within host plant.
-Relief of viral symptom and minimize virus transmission from infected host to healthy host through mechanical inoculation.

* Virostatic : Able to inhibit viral replication, which can be resumed when the virostatic agent is removed.

Ⅰ. Inhibits cell to cell movement through plasmodesmata of viruses

* Without Johnni-der V2 FA

Causes cell to cell movement through plasmodesmata due to viral replication.

* With Johnni-der V2 FA

Inhibits viral replication with the virostatic effect of Johnni-der V2 FA and minimizes cell to cell movement.

Ⅱ. Prevents movement through the phloem of viruses

Inhitis virus activities temporarily through virostatic effect if Johnni-der V2 FA is used on plants locally infected with viruses.
Viruses with activities stopped temporarily prevented from transferring between cell to cell movement and through the phloem, thereby virus infection is minimized and prevents systemic infection.
This is a mechanism that prevents movement between contagious plants infected with virus and healthy plants without virus infection and minimizes the large spread of viruses from infected plants to healthy plants.

* With Johnni-der V2 FA

Formed barrier against infection by virus
after spraying Johnni-der V2

Virus infected host Healthy host

* Without Johnni-der V2 FA

Systemic infection by plant virus
and infection to the healthy plant

Virus infected host /
Systemic infection by virus
Virus infected host