Johnni-der V2

Johnni-der V2 SOD (For Soil Drench)

** Real application case of Johnni-der V2 SOD

1. Host and Virus : Cucumber / CGMMV (Cucumber green mild mottle virus)

· Materials and Methods

1. Tested plant and target virus : Cucumber / CGMMV (Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus)
2. Date of transplanting : April 8, 2017
3. Treatment of Johnni-der V2 SOD : 2 times soil drench at the interval of 4 days after identifying the disease symptom of CGMMV
4. Temperature in green house: Day 39~40℃, Night 14~15℃
5. Nutritional supplement and fertilizer after transplanting are as per the conventional method.

· Result after using Johnni-der V2 SOD

- Based on red line, the bottom shows CGMMV develops and virus starts to disseminate, while the top shows new leaf comes out normally after using Johnni-der V2 SOD.

2. Host and Virus : Pepper / CMV (Cucumber mosaic virus)

· Incedence of pepper CMV on May 29, 2017

· After soil drench of Johnni-der V2 SOD 4 times on May 29, June 2, June 9 and June 16, the normal growth and suppression of viral spread on June 20.