Johnni-der V2

Johnni-der V2 SOD (For Soil Drench)

** How Johnni-der V2 SOD works

Ⅰ. Purpose of Johnni-der V2 SOD

Three intended uses of Johnni-der V2 SOD.

1. To inhibit the activity of virus existing in the soil and to stop the virus from entering the internal plant (in case of soil-disseminated virus)
2. To inhibit migration of virus infected on underground part or aboveground part into the internal plant.
3. To induce the vigorous growth of plant and overcome plant virus.
Tip: Simultaneous application of foliar application (Johnni-der V2 FA) and soil drench (Johnni-der V2 SOD) provides faster and reliable effect.

Ⅱ. Mechanism of Johnni-der V2 SOD

Johnni-der V2 SOD inhibits the activity of virus existing in the soil and plant body, limits the virus movement (cell to cell movement, long distance movement) and as a result, inhibits the virus for the symptom of disease not to express.