Johnni-der V2

Johnni-der V2 SEI (To inhibit incidence of virus in the seed)

** Real application case of Johnni-der V2 SEI

Ⅰ. Purpose of performing test

1.A test to check if the virus is inhibited and the plant can grow and develop normally when treated on the seed which has been already infected with virus.
2. Test to determine whether the seed can overcome virus and can grow and develop normally when transplanting the seedling germinated from the treated seed in the soil infected with CGMMV (Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus).
3. We initiated the test to upgrade the product for folir application (Johnni-der V2 FA) and for soil drench to inhibit the spread of existing virus by determining whether the germinated seedling can grow and develop even at how high temperature (℃) maximally, exceeding the normal temperature at which can be grown and developed.

Ⅱ. Materials and Methods

1. Tested plant : Baby cucumber
2. Date of seed treatment : February 23, 2017
3. Ratio and time of seed treatment : In accordance with our own testing method.
4. Date of transplanting. April 8, 2017
5. Transplanted after germination for 43 days in tray after seed treatment.
6. Nutritional supplement and fertilizer after transplanting are as per the conventional method.
7. Temperature in green house: Day 39~40℃, Night 14~15℃

Ⅲ. Intermediate result

·Because baby cucumber is more vulnerable to virus than regular cucumber, and it is sensitive to the temperature, it is impossible to grow at the high temperature,
but seed treatment enables baby cucumber to grow and develop better than regular cucumber, and it was found that there is no leaf-drooping problem by temperature.
·Early growth stage of baby cucumber planted after seed treatment : Viral symptom does not occur in leaf, but such disease symptom occurs in fruit.

2017.05.08 Early growth stage

· Mid-growth stage of baby cucumber planted after seed treatment : Viral symptom occurred in the fruit disappears, normal fruit forms from cotyledon (healthy fruit forms after 13rd~14th joint (internode) from cotyledon)

2017.05.17 Middle growth stage

2017.06.20 Last-growth stage : Growth comparison of baby cucumber and regular cucumber