Johnni-der V2

Johnni-der V2 SEI (To inhibit incidence of virus in the seed)

** How Johnni-der V2 SEI works

· Johnni-der V2 SEI operates for the virus not to come out at the time of germination by inhibiting the activity of virus infected in the seed and as a result, helps produce healthy seedling.
· Seed disinfection by the existing seed disinfectant can cause the reduction of germination rate and the contamination of soil environment (ex. Na3Po4), while seed treatmet by Johnni-der V2 SEI manufactured by our own technology maintains the germination rate and in addition to that, it never causes the contamination of soil environment.

· Just by treating the seed once you can be more free from the fear of CGMMV.

· Johnni-der V2 SEI : It maintains normal germination rate and germination capacity.

** Mechanism of Johnni-der V2 SEI

** Treatment process of Johnni-der V2 SEI

Johnni-der V2 SEI promises the healthy raising of seedling free from care about virus from growing seedling to permanent field.