Johnni-der V2

How Johnni-der V2 Series controls the plant virus?

Johnni-der V2 Series is composed of three products (seed treatment, soil drench and foliar application).

* Before transplanting
- Johnni-der V2 SEI (For seed treatment, Limited to virus with seed dissemination.)

* After transplanting
- Johnni-der V2 SOD (For soil drench)
- Johnni-der V2 FA (For foliar application)

To control the plant virus, we recommend you to use Johnni-der V2 series in three steps.

1. 1st step : Johnni-der V2 SEI (To inhibit incidence of virus in the seed)

-Seed company recommends using this product.
-Limited to virus transmitted from the seed.
-Inhibits the virus expression by applying Johnni-der V2 SEI for seed treatment onto the seed.
- Inhibits the expression of virus symptom through this process
and as a result, leads the normal growth and development after planting.

2. 2nd step : Johnni-der V2 SOD (For soil drench)
-Can apply to all crops transplanted without seed disinfection, and can be used for the purpose of inhibition of virus.
-Show special effect for virus infected on the aboveground part as well as virus infected on the underground part.

3. 3rd step : Johnni-der V2 FA (For foliar application)

-Spraying Johnni-der V2 FA onto the aboveground part locally infected with virus stops the infection of virus into the whole plant by virostatic effect.
** Virus expression inhibition system by Johnni-der V2 Series **

We call using by these three steps as 『Virus expression inhibition system of Johnni-der V2 Series 』, and this system dramatically reduces the incidence of virus while cultivating crops because it is applicable to various crops and plant viruses.

** A wide variety of applications of Johnni-der V2 Series

Terrible fear of plant virus!
With only application of Johnni-der V2 Series, you can control the plant virus effectively regardless of dissemination route of plant virus.

· Seed transmission virus occurring even if virus tolerance seed is used,
· Soil transmission virus which is unavoidable,
· Insect transmission virus which is difficult to control insect vector even with insecticide, and
· Mechanical transmission which is unavoidable while growing crops (e.g. humans, agricultural tools), etc.

Johnni-der V2 Series,
The best contributor in controlling all plant virus is waiting for your choice.

** Johnni-der V2 series is applicable to many plant viruses in addition to above-listed viruses.
If you want to make more specific application to other viruses, please ask us at
We are ready to help you.