Johnni-der V2

How Johnni-der V2 Series controls the plant virus?

Johnni-der V2 Series is composed of three products (seed treatment, soil drench and foliar application).

* Before transplanting
- Johnni-der V2 SEI (For seed treatment, Limited to virus with seed dissemination.)

* After transplanting
- Johnni-der V2 SOD (For soil drench)
- Johnni-der V2 FA (For foliar application)

To control the plant virus, we recommend you to use Johnni-der V2 series in three steps.

1. Methods of seed treatment : Johnni-der V2 SEI
-It is to help normal growth and development using the immersion method on a CGMMV infected seed.
-It is recommended that you use this for soaking seeds in seed companies or seedling nurseries.
-If you soak a CGMMV infected seed, CGMMV symptoms will not appear even after transplanting seedlings, and therefore, it will help with yielding normal crops.
-When seedlings germinated from seeds that have been soaked in Johnni-der V2 SEI have been transplanted and cultivated, initial CGMMV incidence rates can be reduced. And also, using Johnni-der V2 FA continuously can further reduce CGMMV incidence rates in the fields.
**In conclusion, after treating a seed with Johnni-der V2 SEI through immersion, continuous use of Johnni-der V2 FA can further reduce CGMMV incidence rates and promote normal growth and development.
Johnni-der V2 SEI

2. Methods of soil drench : Johnni-der V2 SOD
-Johnni-der V2 SOD's unique virostatic effects spread to the whole plant through the root, and minimizes viral infection via vectors (e.g. mechanical, insects etc.).
-Because it minimizes the invasion through the root into the plant from soil, it helps the crop grow and develop healthy by itself.
-Along with viral infection acquired the underground part (contaminated soil), it also has significant effects against viral infection acquired above the ground part.
Johnni-der V2 SOD
3. Methods of foliar application : Johnni-der V2 FA
-When spraying Johnni-der V2 FA on germinated seedlings using traditional methods, or on local infected by the virus above ground, it can delay the viral infection spreading to the whole plant (systemic infection).
-Using Johnni-der V2 FA will prevent the transmission of virus from infected plants to normal plants.
Johnni-der V2 FA
** We Recommend... For a nearly perfect growth, development and yield of fruit, just soak the seeds once and then continuously use the product in the field, to obtain a higher yield compared to traditional cultivating methods. We recommend using Johnni-der V2 SEI at least once and then continuously use Johnni-der V2 FA. We wish you the best and most success in your farming.
** Virus expression inhibition system by Johnni-der V2 Series **

We call using by these three steps as 『Virus expression inhibition system of Johnni-der V2 Series 』, and this system dramatically reduces the incidence of virus while cultivating crops because it is applicable to various crops and plant viruses.

** A wide variety of applications of Johnni-der V2 Series

Terrible fear of plant virus!
With only application of Johnni-der V2 Series, you can control the plant virus effectively regardless of dissemination route of plant virus.

· Seed transmission virus occurring even if virus tolerance seed is used,
· Soil transmission virus which is unavoidable,
· Insect transmission virus which is difficult to control insect vector even with insecticide, and
· Mechanical transmission which is unavoidable while growing crops (e.g. humans, agricultural tools), etc.

Johnni-der V2 Series,
The best contributor in controlling all plant virus is waiting for your choice.

** Johnni-der V2 series is applicable to many plant viruses in addition to above-listed viruses.
If you want to make more specific application to other viruses, please ask us at
We are ready to help you.