Johnni-der V2

What is Johnni-der V2

Johnni-der is a dialect in Andong, a small city of Gyeongbuk province of South Korea, having the meaning of "Good!!".
V2 is respective initials of Vital and Virus, meaning the simultaneous application to two purposes to intend the growth-enhancement and to prevent plant viruses and stop their spread.
Therefore, Johnni-der V2 has the meaning of "Good for Plant virus Control"

Johnni-der V2 which we'd like to introduce is a product blocking the transition and infection of virus to the healthy plant by temporarily stopping the activity of virus infecting the cell in the plant body (virostatic* effect) and then by suppressing cell-to-cell movement.
In other words, the said product is intended to get the virus not to spread from contagions plant to healthy plant.

Additionally, Johnni-der V2 counteracts against the plant virus by strengthening the immune system of plant, and gets the crops to overcome the virus by accelerating the growth of crops.

* Virostatic : Able to inhibit viral replication, which can be resumed when the virostatic agent is removed.

* Mechanisam of Johnni-der V2 Series

If the plant affected with virus cannot be treated, further spread of virus has to be stopped!

Picture with no further spread of virus

Pepper TSWV (Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus)

Tomato TYLCV (Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus)

· The best treatment of infected plant with virus is the prevention.
· For the prevention, insect vector of infection with virus has to be properly controlled.
· But, if the plant has been already infected with virus by insect vector or other vectors, further spread of the virus needs to be blocked.

In other words, It is necessary to prevent the plant infected with the virus from disseminating to the neighboring healthy plant as best as possible.
The easiest and best way to stop the spread of virus is to use Johnni-der V2 series.
Johnni-der V2 series accelerates metabolic activity of plant and inhibits the virus dissemination.
Even though insect vector is well controlled, the plant may be infected with virus.
Johnni-der V2 series can be also used to prevent the infection with virus.
If Johnni-der V2 series is used in combination with insect vector control agent, viral infection rate is nearly close to zero.