Johnni-der V2

Johnni-der V2 FA (For Foliar Application)

** Real application case of Johnni-der V2 FA

Ⅱ. Tomato Yellow leaf curling virus (TYLCV)

*TYLCV causes the most destructive disease of tomato, and it can be found in tropical and subtropical regions causing severe economic losses.
*Virus Transmission source

Insect Sap (Mechanical) Seed Soil Etc
○ (White fly) - * - -


Typical symptom of TYLCV on tomato 1 Typical symptom of TYLCV on cherry tomato 1

Typical symptom of TYLCV on tomato 2

Typical symptom of TYLCV on cherry tomato 2

TYLCV disseminated by Tobacco whitefly...
Even if you control the tobacco whitefly properly from earlier, you can reduce the incidence of TYLCV a lot.
Since using the virus tolerance seed one day, the plants have been able to grow without worry about the incidence of TYLCV.
But, it has been recently (in 2015*) reported that TYLCV can be disseminated by the seed.


If TYLCV occurred even though you have used virus tolerance seed and insecticide properly, you need to be doubtful of the transmission by the seed.

Now, it's the time to need new solutions against the onset of TYLCV.
Use of Johnni-der V2 FA ensures to prevent the spread of TYLCV.

◎ Host : Tomato / Inhibition of spreading to healthy plant

1. Symptoms & Diagnosis

- Virus : Confirmed formal TYLCV symptom visually, Unidentification

2. The result of Johnni-der V2 FA treatment

- The virus symptom relief and normal growth and development of infected host.

Inhibition of mechanical spreading from infected plants to healthy plants and normal development.