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Over the past few decades, although there were numerous studies to develop the agents to control plant virus, they eventually reiterate only the basics that has to drastically control the insect vector as the solution to prevent the virus.

JungWan B-F has talked with lots of customers with more advanced points from the basics and now intends to try the broader and in-depth discussion.

Lots of customers wanted them to find any solution or something different for the prevention of plant virus or the dissemination after infection, but no one has not been aggressive on any new measures.

Now many consumers as well as farmers started to understand the seriousness about virus and they want the solution to the new theme as they want.

In the meantime, to get out of the basic points, we had to spend lots of time to solve the problems about the new theme which they talk about in the field where many customers breathe.

Since such solution as our customers want must be theirs, we think we have to provide the solutions.
For providing the result of our efforts to our customers is the bottom most act (virtue) which we have to perform as researcher.
Consequently, what we want is the continuing success of our customers.

Customers who are struggling against plant viruses...
JungWan B-F can help your success with innovative product made based on a great store of knowledge and experience.

All valuable information provided by JungWan B-F can be obtained immediately whenever you need it, and each time we are sure that you have already changed into a good farmer.

Besides, we will be dedicated to supporting for the success of partners who always go with us.

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